Who We Are

At FIT APPLE we believe in providing information which is useful for fitness. This blog is for those who believe in keeping themselves fit and want some jealous compliments from there friends.

Our Mission

We hereby sentence you to a lifetime of Fitness. We are one stop guide for that fit and healthy body you crave for. From food choices to burning those unwanted calories we provide advice on what suits you according to your lifestyle, body type, core workout areas and time at hand. Fitness is measured in terms of vigor, vitality, energy, alertness, endurance and power. This requires proper conditioning through both structured exercise and proper diet. Our articles are very informative and will help you sail through the journey of a healthy life.

We inspire and you perspire. Shed your inhibitions, take a shot of adrenaline here and transform your body, mind and life.

Your Mission

If you suffer from certain ailments then follow doctor’s first. We only provide support for true, lasting change through body-positive, evidence-based, sustainable nutrition, training, and self-care information.

Who We Aren’t

We are not a gym and do not sell any gym memberships.