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Body Volume Indicator

BMI is an old methodology to measure your body fat on the basis of height & weight. Despite of its popularity, it is considered to be a crude measure of fitness as it does not measure the  fat percentage of the body. Finally there is an alternative and it solves this problem of BMI. It is called Body Volume Indicator (BVI).

The Body Volume Indicator (BVI) is a new revolutionary new method of measuring the body for obesity and for clinical diagnosis. This technology is owned by Bodyvolume.Com. BVI measures yours total body volume to the volume of your abdomen. Our waists can provide an insight into our health. Several studies have documented link between high amount of belly fat and risk of heart diseases and type 2 diabetes.

Some lean people with large amount of muscle can have a BMI that would qualify them as ‘overweight’ but BVI would be a true measure of your fitness as it includes waist circumference in its metrics.

Issue is not how much you weigh but how much abdominal fat one carries. High abdominal fat means high visceral fat that may interfere with the normal functioning of our internal organs.

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Body Volume Indicator | Fit-Apple.Com
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