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How To Gain Muscles

There is always a disturbing question that why there is no muscle growth after hitting gym for months or why the size of my biceps is still the same despite of all the hard work I put in my gym? Probably we do not know how to gain muscles or what are the reasons behind it.


Rest Time

Rest is very important. I give 30% weightage to rest in bodybuilding process for having proper muscle growth. On an average one should sleep between 7 – 9 hours at night. When we sleep the secretion of growth hormone is high or at its peak. As growth hormone plays vital role in bodybuilding, you won’t be able to have muscle growth without taking proper rest.

Food Taken Is Not Enough

As we can not build a car without having designs, machinery, workers & raw material, muscles can’t be build or grown without having adequate amount of proteins, carbs & fat. If you don’t eat enough, your body can’t use calories for repair and growth. Resistance training won’t work without having excess calories. I am not asking you to have calories from junk food. Plan your meals and learn how many calories you need for muscle growth.

Diet Missing Enough Protein

The daily protein requirement for people who do not diet and involve themselves in strength training or endurance activities can consume between .8-1.1 gram of protein per pound and those who are dieting and excising can consume between 1-1.6 gram per pound of there body weight per day

The  more you stress your body, better the nutrition should be. Different sources of protein have different amino acids. Eat variety of proteins as it will benefit your body in muscle growth.

Lift Heavy Weights

If you don’t have intensity in training you won’t get bigger muscles. People think that they have lifted heavy enough even though they lift same amount of weight over years. There is no point training if you don’t progressively increase the weight. If you train the same way and do not add variation in your training program your muscles will adapt the workload and growth will stop. Your goal should be to shock your muscles.


People fool themselves by hitting gym in morning and having junk food at night. Have consistency in your nutrition, training & rest and you can achieve your goal.

Too Much Cardio

If you are eating little and doing too much of cardio then you will face muscle loss. If you want to build mass and lose body fat at the same time, the right type of cardio is crucial. Doing cardio for 30 minutes before your resistance training will eat up your energy. Cardio should be done after your resistance training.

Not Taking Correct Supplements

Remember supplements work as a booster in your training program and can not replace diet thats why I have kept this in last. When you bring supplements in your mass building, be sure to balance them with your nutrition, rest, and training. Add some multivitamins, fish oil, whey protein & amino acids in your program.

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How To Gain Muscles | Fit-Apple.Com
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