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Weight Loss VS Fat Loss

Weight loss means = Fat loss + Muscle Loss + Water Loss

How to lose weight and burn fat is what everyone desires for who falls in over weight  or not so fit category. Reason is to look confident, make people jealous and healthy life. This article puts light on difference between weight loss & fat loss and will help you to select a goal. Muscles consists approximately 70% of water.One of the cheap trick to lose weight is to keep yourself dehydrated but it has a negative impact on your body. You only lose water in the process and those kilos will certainly come back so don’t fool yourself .

Muscle loss during weight loss has an impact on your BASAL METABOLIC RATE (BMR). BMR is the rate at which body burn calories both while working out as well as at rest . Lower BMR can result in weight gain . Muscle tissue regulates the insulin sensitivity which helps body to absorb nutrients. An improper diet will lead to muscle loss as the nutrients from that diet will turn to fat cells rather than helping in building muscle. 

Goal should be to have fat loss & look young

The lower the fat percentage, higher is the fitness level. Men fat percentage should range between 10% – 15% and at the same time women fat percentage should range between 15% – 20%. Carbohydrates bind with water which leads to weight gain. Reduction of carbohydrates from your diet leads to weight loss which is a basic principle followed by many dietitian. Only doing cardio is not recommended as it will result in muscle loss which is not a good idea to stay fit. Fat loss can only be achieved by adding strength training in your fitness regime with a mix of cardio & proper nutrition.

Remember people with same height and weight can look different due to different fat percentage. Mantra is to “STAY FIT & LOOK YOUNG” by having fat loss while gaining muscle .

Note : For overweight people rules are different. One needs to lose weight to restructure the body but at the same time also focus on fat loss.

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Weight Loss VS Fat Loss | Fit-Apple.com
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